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"Went in a couple of weeks ago for an inop front headlight and they fixed it on the spot for free. Sure, it's just a bulb, but how much free stuff do you normally get out of car mechanics? Asked them about whether I needed my serpentine belt replaced (other place I just yelped about said I did) and was told no - it would be ok for a while. So far I haven't even had a real job done with these guys and I already like them. Why can't they all be like these guys?"
Matt D.
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Upholstery Repair and Replacement

Pristine Automotive will refer you to a professional and reliable complete upholstery repair and replacement center. Customizing is what it's all about. From seat covers, convertible tops, to interior upholstery replacements or repairs, you will get highest quality installation by experienced professionals, delivering outstanding detail. If you are looking to repair or replace your car upholstery in Beverly Hills or West Hollywood, then call Pristine Automotive for an ultimate place to do so. You can be rest assured that your car will be serviced in the highest professionalism and quality.

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